Why is a Twitterendum needed?

Challenging Exclusion. The current rulers of the EU appear to be ignoring results from millions of voters that
challenge their right to govern preventing the democratic process. The British government also is not giving
a level playing field for the EU referendum 2016i.e. only funds the ''Remain in EU '' side and though Alistair
Darling [April 2016] says ''every vote counts'' still many expats are excluded.

QED the
QT is : Should the UK stay-in or break-free from the EU ?
Democratization of information
Global Voters
Twitterendum Prediction 2014
The Brexit Twitterboard
[much more to come]
April 2016 interesting to see the EU twist on our disruptive
Twitterendum solution for migrants tweeted 2 years ago
Moet Nederland blijven of los te
komen van de EU?